Smile Makeovers in Palm Coast, FL

Are you considering getting a smile makeover near you? Our experienced cosmetic dentistry team can correct your smile with an expertly planned and executed smile makeover.  

When you want to improve your appearance, replace missing teeth, or improve chewing and speaking function, we can assess your teeth, jawbone, gum tissue length, and health and facial contours during an initial consultation to determine the best cosmetic dentistry treatment for your needs.

Every smile makeover is a personalized experience. We will consider all aspects of your makeover needs, including:

  • Alignment and Spacing

We use advanced 3D imaging and X-rays to identify crooked, overlapping, chipped, and cracked teeth that are spoiling your smile. Treatment options could include crowns, bridges, implants, veneers, or Lumineers®.

We may also recommend orthodontic treatments like braces or Invisalign® to move misaligned teeth into the desired position.

  • Color

Our experienced cosmetic dentist in Palm Coast, can whiten dull, stained teeth and place porcelain fillings to replace conspicuous amalgam ones. We will carefully evaluate your skin color and tone before deciding on the right tooth color. Tooth color plays a crucial role in the results of a makeover. We provide teeth whitening and enamel abrasion treatments.

  • Size and Shape

Cosmetic treatments like bonding, tooth contouring, and crown lengthening can alter the shape and size of your teeth for a more aesthetic effect.

Reach out to us today at Dentique Dental to explore the latest smile makeover options from a dentist near you. 

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