Dental X-Rays in Palm Coast, FL

At Dentique Dental, your dentist in Palm Coast, we offer a variety of services and treatments for new and existing patients, including our safe, digital Dental X-rays, safe. Our X-Rays use a very low level of radiation, while accurately allowing us to thoroughly examine your teeth for any impaction, decay, and cavities.

Type of Dental X-Rays

When you’re looking for a dental office near you, we’re here to offer the most up-to-date intraoral X-rays. These may include:


Taken with a closed jaw to check alignment between your top and bottom teeth. Occlusal x-rays can detect anatomical abnormalities on the floor of your mouth as well.


These S-rays show an entire tooth or several teeth down to the root.


To check for tooth alignment, this type of X-ray involves biting down on a special type of paper

during the X-ray process.


As the name suggests, with this time of X-ray, the entire head is checked for issues such as jaw problems and wisdom teeth.

Regular x-rays are an important tool to take a deeper look at your oral health and are just as important as regular at-home brushing and flossing, and twice-yearly professional dental exams and cleanings.

When it comes to family dental care, our goal is to help you have the healthiest teeth and gums possible. We’d love to meet with you for a consultation, so reach out to us, today.

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