Dental Implants in Palm Coast, FL

If you’re looking for dental implants near you, at Dentique Dental, your dentist in Palm Coast, we are ready to assist you with natural-looking, permanent implant placement.

Dental implants are exactly what they sound like they are, implanted replacements for missing teeth. An implant includes an artificial tooth root that act as a base for the replacement tooth to stay in place.

Having missing teeth can change the way you talk, eat, and even the way your bite sits. It can be painful and uncomfortable. Dental implants look and function just like your natural teeth, reducing any discomfort or function issues you may be experiencing.

Three Parts of Dental Implants

Dental implants of three parts:

The implant itself is a screw surgically placed in your jaw to act as the tooth root.

The abutment connects the artificial root to the crown fitted on top of the abutment.

The crown that is placed on top that looks just like the crowns of the surrounding teeth. These are often made of porcelain or composite resin.

Why Choose Dental Implants?

You can replace a single tooth or multiple teeth with dental implants. Our dentists offer a full mouth treatment for those needing extensive work. 

Dental implants require multiple appointments, typically spread out over a period of months, but the benefits of receiving dental implants near you are many, including:

  • Durability, performance, and natural appearance
  • No alteration of your adjacent teeth.
  • Prevention of future bone loss
  • Adjacent teeth stay stable preventing tooth shifting
  • Bite force and chewing power are restored

Once complete, caring for implants is easy: just like your natural teeth, you’ll brush and floss twice a day. Of course, we offer other tooth replacement including dental bridges and partial dentures as an alternative if you prefer.

Our dentists near you in Palm Coast, FL are committed to gentle, caring dentistry during every procedure they perform, including dental implants. Just give us a call or schedule an appointment online. We are happy to discuss dental implant costs too.

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