Dental Bridges in Palm Coast, FL

Dentique Dental also offers dental bridges as a popular and durable restorative dentistry procedure from your team in Palm Coast. Getting a dental bridge near you is an effective way to replace a missing tooth or teeth, requiring a less-invasive procedure than an implant.
Bridges are available in a few different options, including:

  • Fixed Bridge

For a fixed bridge, our dentist will use the surrounding teeth to hold the bridge in place. Cement anchors the bridge in place. The replacement tooth is placed on top.

  • Implant Supported Bridge

This type of bridge is held in place using metal posts surgically implanted into your jawbone for long-lasting replacement.

Whatever type of dental bridge you may choose, as your dentist near you, we can help. Each type of bridge has its own advantage, depending on its use. At Dentique Dental of Palm Coast, FL, our skilled dentists will discuss which option is best for you. And if you need help fast, we’re your emergency dentist near you, too.

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