Restore Your Smile with a Dental Implant

Restore Your Smile with a Dental Implant

January 1, 2022

Do you think missing teeth in your mouth impacts your smile? Do you feel ashamed to smile at your friends and family members because of the gap visible in the aesthetic zone of your mouth? You can spend plenty of time worrying about how to overcome the challenge. Unfortunately, unless you begin thinking about tooth replacement solutions, you won’t find an answer to the predicament haunting you. Therefore we suggest you stop worrying about your appearance and start searching for dental implants near you to begin the procedure for getting replacement teeth.

If you haven’t heard about what dental implants are, let us inform you dental implants are excellent solutions for replacing missing teeth to give you your smile back, ensuring no one realizes you have replacement teeth in your mouth. You can have one dental implant to replace a missing tooth or consider replacing all your teeth if you are affected by multiple tooth losses. Biocompatible titanium helps make dental implants surgically embedded in your jawbone and later topped with a custom-made dental crown from porcelain to replicate your natural tooth.

The dental implants procedure returns your lost tooth enamel to help you begin smiling again without raising your forms or shying away from others. So have we got you excited about the prospect of getting dental implants in your mouth for your missing teeth? However, before you proceed further, we suggest you thoroughly understand the dental implant procedure before committing to them.

What Does the Dental Implant Placement Entail?

Please do not consider the implant placement procedure uncomplicated or straightforward because it isn’t. Whether you lost teeth to trauma, infections, decay, or disease, the loss would have impacted more than your smile to make you desire a replacement resembling your natural teeth.

When you consider replacing the single missing tooth in your mouth with dental implants, you must commit to a lengthy procedure requiring months of healing time before you can eventually have an artificial tooth. The implants are unlike dentures fabricated to sit upon your gums or bridges that seek support from your adjacent existing teeth to provide tooth replacements. Instead, dental implants are standalone applications embedded into your jawbone in a surgical procedure to provide you with a permanent solution for the tooth you lost. The permanent solution offers you the confidence to smile, bite, and chew, and the three will not fall at your doorstep overnight.

It would help if you also prepared yourself financially. While the dental implant itself costs around $1000, you must have several appointments with your provider to evaluate your mouth and undergo other procedures required. The porcelain dental crown also costs approximately $1000. The entire process can set you back by roughly $6000 after you calculate the costs of anesthesia and bone grafts or sinus lifts if required.

Getting dental implants requires optimal oral and physical health besides sufficient jawbone in your mouth to support the implant after embedding in the jawbone. The surgical process will not take much time, and one appointment completes it. However, you must undergo multiple evaluations from Dentique dental to ensure your mouth is healthy and you are not affected by any conditions that can hamper your healing process. The dental implant procedure starts after the dentist has confirmed you qualify for the placement.

The Dental Implant Placement Surgery

You can have your dental implants through undergoing surgery from Dr. Dusanka F Angelov, an experienced professional. You will receive adequate anesthesia in your mouth before the professional drills into your missing tooth socket to embed the titanium post deep into your jawbone to function as your artificial tooth root. Upon completing the implant placement, you may request a temporary tooth immediately after if you wish to close the gap in your smile. However, you help yourself by waiting for the implant to integrate with your jawbone to provide a stable base for your new artificial teeth. The dental professional will happily provide a replacement tooth on the day of the surgery if you desire. However, the replacement is temporary and needs replacement later. Therefore whether you have it or not is entirely at your discretion.

You must allow the titanium implant to complete osseointegration, the process of integrating with your jawbone, which ends in 3-6 months depending on your physical health and your commitment to ensuring the procedure succeeds. After your recovery period, you must have another surgery for abutment attachment on which your artificial dental crown eventually sits. The second surgery requires a couple of weeks of healing time, after which you revisit the dental professional to provide measurements of your mouth for custom creation of your porcelain crown.

After receiving your porcelain crown over the dental implant, you will express happiness at the results delivered by the dentist and thank them profusely when informed that dental implants do not attract tooth decay or cavities. However, your joy will likely be short-lived because although dental implants remain free from tooth decay or cavities, your mouth makes them susceptible to failure if you allow gum disease to affect you. Therefore you must maintain excellent dental hygiene and ensure you also get six-monthly exams and cleanings from your dentist to keep plaque and tartar away from your mouth. You may require treatments from the emergency dentist in Palm Coast, FL, to deal with dental infections if needed. Besides the above, if you maintain optimal dental implant conditions, you can enjoy your replacement teeth for a lifetime without needing additional replacements.

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