Restorative Dentistry

Dentique Dental provides restorative services including crowns, bridges, and fillings. Our goal is to make your smile as beautiful and healthy as it can be. We ensure our patient’s comfort and will explain every step of the process as we improve the look and well being of your teeth.

Restorative dental work is the first step to getting your teeth and overall mouth to where it should be, and then we will guide you through preventative dental practices.

Come to Dentique for all your family’s dental needs – we are the dentist in Palm Coast that cares about not just your teeth, but you as well. Fillings, crowns, and bridges are an important element of improving the overall quality of your smile! Contact us to set an appointment today.

Crowns & Bridges

A crown or bridge is used when 65% of the tooth structure is missing. If a cavity has gotten to the point that it cannot be restored with a filling, the tooth is covered/capped with a crown, which is bonded or cemented onto the tooth.

A crown may be recommended for a tooth that has a large filling, a root canal treated tooth, or a fracture.

A bridge on the other hand is simply three or more crown-linked teeth together. A bridge is also recommended to replace a missing tooth or teeth. Whether you receive a crown or a bridge, they will be custom made in a dental laboratory by highly qualified technicians. Crowns and bridges are created using ceramics, zirconia, e-max, noble alloys, or a combination of materials. Please be assured your crowns and bridges are quality restorations and are an excellent investment in your long-term dental health.


What exactly are cavities? This damage to the tooth occurs when harmful types of bacteria attach themselves to your teeth. A colony of bacteria forms when teeth are not properly cleaned and these bacteria use sugar as their fuel. Proteins in the saliva mix with the bacteria to form plaque.

The protective covering of your teeth is called enamel and it should remain hard to protect the teeth. Unfortunately plaque creates acid that breaks down the tooth’s enamel, eventually creating tiny holes that get bigger until one large hole appears. This is how a cavity is formed.

Having regular cleanings means your teeth are less prone to cavities: not only will plaque be discouraged but preventative dental practices also ensure that the plaque you cannot reach with your toothbrush or floss will also be removed.

Do you have cavities that need to be filled? Our tooth-colored fillings restore your teeth and stop worsening of cavities for your dental health. We provide these filling for cavities up to class five.

Fillings restore teeth that have cavities so that they will have normal function and shape, as well as blocking bacteria to inhibit further decay. Our dentist will first remove the damaged tooth material and then clean the affected area thoroughly before filling it.

Partials, Dentures and Implants

Did you know that dentures have been around for many centuries? Luckily dentures are of better quality and are more comfortable than ever before, improving the lives of more than 35 million Americans. In a nutshell, dentures are removable appliances that are used to replace either some or all of your missing teeth and some surrounding tissue. Dentures will be fashioned to closely resemble your natural teeth – they may even enhance your look and smile!

Dentique Dental also provides partial dentures, a replacement for when just some of the teeth are missing. The complete dentures are used when all of the teeth are missing. Our practice will have your dentures or partials custom made. We use Elite partials/dentures, Premier partials/dentures, and Flexi partials/dentures.

We also make implant retained dentures if required. By replacing missing teeth, dentures improve the person's ability to speak and eat better than before, as well as boosting the overall appearance of the mouth.

Root Canals

A root canal is a dental restorative treatment used to repair and save a tooth that is badly decayed or has become infected. If the patient requires a root canal on a molar, this will be referred to an endodontist.  Dentique Dental will perform root canal procedures in-office on anterior teeth and premolars. It is the usual case for the root canal tooth to need a crown after the procedure has been completed.

Tooth Extractions

Occasionally, teeth can become diseased, damaged, injured or crowded, and in some cases may need to be removed (extracted). If you live in Palm Coast and have a tooth which needs to be removed, Dentique Dental is here for you and will make the tooth extraction experience as relaxing and painless as possible.

Whether you need a simple tooth extraction or a more complex procedure, we will formulate a plan of action that will relieve your situation and ease any concerns you may have. We will also explore every available option for tooth replacement, including partial and full dentures, tooth implants, crowns and bridges. 

At Dentique Dental, we strive to bring our patients a stress-free dental experience and will work with you to ensure your tooth extraction, replacement, and recovery process go as smoothly and uneventfully as possible. Please contact us today if you need tooth extraction services in Palm Coast