Patient Testimonials

Dear Dr. Angelov,

I am very impressed by the quality and thoroughness of care for my recently completed dental overhaul. Dr. Angelov is truly a talented artist. The difference in my before and after mouth appearance is amazing. The entire staff has been extremely helpful and friendly throughout my 3-month ordeal. I can recommend this crew to anyone needing any amount of dental care.

A. Harris

To Dear Dr. Angelov & Staff:

Thanks for seeing me on such a short notice and for all your kindness. May God continue to bless you and yours.

Love & Prayers,

To Dr. Angelov

Life is so much sweeter when lovely people like you do thoughtful things for people like me. It makes every day a special day. Thanks for everything. Hope you enjoy my CD's.

Love + lots of good health and happiness

Dear Dr. Angelov,

It's comforting knowing you are a wonderful, dear, caring person. You have lifted my spirits, and a 'sincere' thank you for my beautiful smile I can now enjoy. And to your wonderful staff a special thank you.

God blessings,
Lynn K.

Dear Dusanka and Family,

Finally Alex printed the photos, and I and able to post thanks to you. I have been good. How is everyone there?

Lots of love,

WOOF! WOOF! Happy Mothers' Day!

Thank you for letting me steal your spot all the time! You are my favorite family member! (Don't tell Dimitri)

Lots of hugs and little kisses (I know you don't like my kisses)