Meet Our Team

Dentique Dental is a family operation, not only working with your family but the Angelov family. Dr. Angelov and her team understand the needs of what a family needs and helps you understand that dentistry doesn’t need to be fearful.  All of the employees want to make your visit pleasant and take the stress out of having treatment done. There is always a way get the treatment you need.  


Dr. Angelov | Dentique Dental | Palm Coast FL Dentist

Vicki is a registered hygienist, also a patient advocate and periodontal therapist. Vicky has many years of experience and have been with Dr. Angelov since 2015. Vicky’s caring manner in presentation creates trust and confidence with her patients.

Dr. Angelov | Dentique Dental | Palm Coast FL Dentist

Nancy, is a registered hygienist, also a patient advocate and a periodontal therapist. Nancy is well versed in treatment education and works very closely Dr. Angelov in helping Dentique patients understand the why’s of treatment.


Mendi, is one of Dentique Dentals Dental Assistants. She will be seen at both the front desk at times as well as working clinically with Dr. Angelov.


Dimitri, is part of the NOW generation and is involved with keeping Dentique Dental up to the moment with Blogging, Tweeting and office photography. Dimitri attends New College and is also Dr. Angelov’s son.


Sergii, presently is working as one of Dentique Dentals dental assistants, though one day he may possibly become an associate dentist. Sergii is a dentist in his home country of Ukraine.  


Tracy is one of Dentique Dentals 3 highly qualified Dental Assistants. Tracy has been in dentistry for many years. She will surely make you feel comfortable when you visit Dentique Dental


Anna, is also part of the NOW generation and works with marketing, Facebook and office decorating. She also will be soon beginning her rounds as a Medical Doctor. Anna is also Dr. Angelov’s daughter.


Stan very much a part of the office though you may not always see him acts in many capacities, from paying the bills to making sure the computers are always up to date and working properly. Stan is an engineer and is very technical and helpful in all operations areas. Stan is also Dr. Angelov’s husband.